Terms of Sale

Thank you for your interest in Blissful Bleats Nigerian Dwarf Goats! Please read our Terms of Sale prior to placing a deposit or purchasing a goat from us!

Click here to sign our Reservation Terms Form and Submit a Deposit. Please contact us prior to making a deposit.

By placing a deposit, you agree to our Terms of Sale as listed below.

Our kids are being dam raised, but will also learn to take a bottle for milk test days. Bottle kids may be available in some circumstances. All kids will be disbudded (if not polled), tattooed, and come with registration applications or certificates when leaving our farm. Our Vet disbuds each of our kids. We DO NOT guarantee against scurs. Kids will be vaccinated with cd/t, on coccidia prevention, and wormed on an as needed basis. We will not sell a single goat unless the buyer already has goats. Discounts are available to Performance Homes only (proof required). Please contact us regarding discounts if this applies to you!

We reserve the right to retain any goat at any time. We keep a waitlist for kids that is free to join. Once kids are born, we first determine if any will be retained. Then, we will reach out to those on our waiting list in the order requests were received. Buyers will then be given 48 hours to respond. If we do not hear back within 48 hours, we will move on to the next person.

An animal is not reserved until a deposit is received. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due within 3 days to hold a kid. Deposits can be paid in cash or through PayPal. If PayPal is chosen, an additional charge will be required to cover paypal fees. Please contact us prior to making a payment with PayPal. Deposits are non refundable unless the kid becomes sick, injured, or dies while in our care OR we choose to retain the kid. If the buyer changes their mind or chooses not to complete the sale, the deposit will NOT be refunded. We reserve the right to refuse a sale or cancel a reservation without explanation and any deposit would be refunded.

The price of our kids are based on lineage, performance, and production. Our prices start at $400 and will increase depending on the above factors. We reserve the right to change the price of our kids once they are born as we feel necessary.

Our kids will be available for pickup at 8 weeks, once they have been weaned. All kids must be picked up by 10 weeks of age. After this time, boarding rates of $5.00 per day will apply. Boarding rates are not to exceed $70.00  (14 days). If the kid still has not been picked up by 10 weeks old and arrangements have not been made to pickup the kid, the deposit will be forfeited and the kid will be placed back up for sale. Kids must be paid for in full before leaving our property. Payments made at pickup must be made in cash.

All goats leaving our herd are sound and healthy at the time of leaving our possession. Once a goat leaves our property, we cannot guarantee its health due to its care or environmental factors beyond our control. We are under no obligation to take back any goat once it leaves our property. We advise buyers to understand that travel and changes in management can be very stressful on goats.

If you have any questions regarding our terms of sale, do not hesitate to ask! We are always available to help with any questions or concerns buyers may have with any goats purchased from us. We will help to the best of our ability!