Kidding Schedule

Updated August 30, 2021

We do not have any kids available at this time! 

Tentative Schedule for 2022 – Pairings and dates are not guaranteed until does are confirmed bred! We’re planning for kidding to start March/April!

Please click here to be added to our Wait List (free to join prior to does kidding)!


Dam Sire Due/Kidded Doe Buck Available Comments
Sassy  Ruger    $500      
Georgia  Ruger/Remi    $500      
Peaches  Rowan   $500      
Aspen  Rocket   $500      
Lula  Remi   $500      
Rosie  Ruger   $500      
Violet  Remi   $500      

Please see our Terms of Sale.

We do not take reservations based on coat or eye color. We will notify those on our wait list in the order they were received, based on gender, AFTER retained kids have been chosen. We will give priority to Performance Herds first. Our buckling wait list will take priority over our wether wait list. Our wait list does not roll over from year to year.