Bloomfield’s G Hayley

Chocolate Buckskin with white

CH Bloomfield’s RS George 

Phoenix Farm Resilience *B Phoenix Farm Mine That Bird
GCH Phoenix Rising Farm Sensation
The Bloomfield’s Starlight Buckhorn Run BB Cooper
Buckhorn Run Brown Betty

India Blue E Festival of Light

India Blue Farm Eclipse TX Twincreeks WDF Texas 2 Step
Kids Corral SEQ Radiant Blue
Waterloo Pond PSZ Diana Pocket Sized VF Zolton
Wooly Dog Down Water Wings

Kidding History

Year Doelings Bucklings Retained

DHI Record

# Fresh DIM Milk Fat Protein

One Day Milk Test

DIM Milk Fat Protein ADGA AGS

Linear Appraisal

Year Age G A D S B C MS FS